Registration for graduate program

Students admitted to Master programs must submit the following documents to the Document Admission Commission:

  • Original and notarized copy of diploma and diploma supplement
  • Graduation certificate from the university for current year graduates
  • Original and copy of ID card
  • Health certificate
  • Original or copy of the military card or the conscription card for men who serve at military unit or are entitled to deferment of military service
  • SEC personal account number and password
  • 6 Passport size photo (be taken within the last 1 months) and electronic version of your photo (in CD)
  • Bank receipt for payment of tuition fee

Note: Studying on a paid basis; 

  • Students who have lost both parents and live without parental care:
  • Students  who are children of the citizens who became disabled while defending Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, independence and constitutional order, died for freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, went missing in military operations and declared dead by the court, must present copies and original documents confirming the above-mentioned facts.

For more information:
Phone: (+99412) 431 41 12/13/16/17 (114)