Internal Dual Diploma Program

The Rules of Internal Dual Diploma Program at Azerbaijan University

1. General provisions 

1.1.  These Rules are developed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Education”, “Regulations for the Content and Organization of Bachelor’s Level Education” by the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Regulations for the Organization of credit system at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level education” and are guided by them.

1.2.  The main purpose of these regulations contains a determination of the Internal Dual Diploma program (IDDP), defining the conditions of the application, admission, and education at Azerbaijan University.

1.3.  The aim of the program is to provide highly successful students with the opportunity of further education on the second specialty and to enable them as a professional and getting a decent job in the labor market.

2. Admission to the IDDP

2.1.   For the opening of the Program on any of two specialties at Azerbaijan University, they must be identical at least 70% of the subjects envisaged in the curriculum of those specialties and credits allocated to them. The list of the specialties that the Program has applied to is approved by the Academic Council of University.

2.2.  The admission plan for the specialties of the IDDP program is announced a month before the beginning of each academic year.

2.3.  The student should apply for the IDDP program at the end of the second semester.

2.4.   The students who do not have an academic debt in their education and the whose average success rate is between 85-100 points before the beginning of the program can apply for the program before the beginning of the program.

2.5.  The applications for admission to the Program are evaluated by the Commission up to three weeks before the beginning of the semester and the list of the students admitted to the Program is approved by the order of the Rector.

3. The application of the Program

3.1.  For the students admitted to the IDDP Program, special education schedules are prepared by evaluating syllabuses for teaching subjects, curricula, education standards of specialties. In these curricula, all subjects required for the students to be trained in both specialties are listed. The students enrolled in the program should not have more than 40 credits of subjects under one semester.

3.2.  The amount of tuition fees of the students studied in the Program for the subjects on the second specialty is defined as the amount of credit for that specialty in accordance with the number of credits of the subjects.

3.3.  The students must collect the credits of the subjects of the second specialty only at Azerbaijan University.

3.4.  The scholarships and discounts for the students studying in the IDDP Program are applied to only one specialty.

3.5.  The student of the program can take part in the summer semester from the selected subjects.

3.6.  A separate transcript is drawn to the student on the program. The results of the IDDP Program do not affect the student's graduation from the first specialty.

3.7.  A student who graduated from the main qualification program and completes the IDDP Program with an overall average achievement indicator of 81 and more points, is also awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in the IDDP Program.

3.8.  A student who can not graduate from the main qualification program, can not be a graduate of the IDDP Program.

3.9.  In the cases where the practices on two specialties are identical in the IDDP Program, joint practice in both specialties is organized. Students who have graduated from the main qualification program, but cannot be graduates of the IDDP Program, can be given additional time to finish the program.

3.10. The participant of the program is obliged to pass the Final State Attestation on both specialties. Students pass the Final State Attestation of the second qualification only after successfully completing the First Final State Attestation.

3.11. Students completing the IDDP Program are awarded a diploma in the second specialty, with the graduation from the first qualification.

3.12.  The student may withdraw from the Program at his own discretion.  During the education period, students are allowed to decrease the overall average achievement indicator to 71 pupils only once. If this is repeated for the second time, the student is removed from the IDDP Program.

3.13.  A student who is not registered for a semester for any reason is disqualified from the program.

3.14.  The student removed from the IDDP Program cannot be readmitted to this program.

4. Final provisions 

4.1.  All persons involved in this case are liable for breach of the requirements of the Rules in the same manner.