Instructions for authors

For publications in the Journal, we consider articles which:

  • must contain original work
  • must not published previously
  • must not be under consideration for publication in any other journal or book available through a library or by purchase
  • must contain a short abstract (no longer than 50 words), keywords (minimum 4) in Azerbaijani and English.

The language of the submitted papers is Azerbaijani, Turkish, English or Russian.

The papers should be typed as a MS Word in A4 format, (font –Times New Roman- 12, line spacing  -1, page parameters - upper -2 sm, lower -2 sm, left -3 sm, right -1sm).

The papers should be prepared following Journal STYLE.

The references should be given in alphabet order and contain the papers with up-to-date results on the topic of the paper.

We encourage the papers be sent in electronic form so it can be refereed without postal delays, and be published more quickly. 

The authors should send their article single, compressed archive file as an attachment to the e-mail address