A. Aghayev (pp.5-15)
Management of non-oil budget deficit (in Azerbaijani)

A. Aliyeva (pp.16-22)
Economic approach to the problem of the financial recovery of the enterprise (in Azerbaijani)

H.H. Aslanov, H.D. Najafi (pp.23-32)
Foreign economic relations as factor in the development of the  national economy (in Azerbaijani)

TGarayev  (pp.33-42)
Prospects for the development of heavy industry and mechanical engineering in Azerbaijani (in Russian)

T. Guliyev (pp.43-53)
World Trade Organization and Azerbaijan (in Azerbaijani)

T. Ibrahimov  (pp.54-63)
System of customs authorities: reform and modernization (in Azerbaijani)

Y. Isgenderov  (pp.64-71)
The issues of strengthening the normative legal base of commercial relations on the market of building materials in Azerbaijan (in Azerbaijani)

A. Kamilov (pp.72-79)
The ways to attract bank capital to finance the real sector of the Azerbaijan (in Azerbaijani)

A. Kerimov (pp.80-88)
The role of effective financial and risk management in increasing stability of banking system of Azerbaijan (in Azerbaijani)

A. Musayev (pp.89-100)
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the prespectives of multilateral dialogue structure. Single currency initiatives in Asia (in Azerbaijani)

S. Sadigova (pp.101-108)
Azerbaijan's competitive status and intellectual potential: situation and tendencies (in Azerbaijani)

E. Safarli (pp.109-131)
Firm specific determinants of capital structure: evidence from Azerbaijan firms

G. Safarov, D. Amiraslanova  (pp.132-140)
Strategic planning and its  implementation  in oil  and chemical enterprises (in Azerbaijani) 

G. Suleymanov, T.P. Samadova (pp.141-149)
Methods of evaluation of competitive relations in industrial enterprises (in Azerbaijani)

M. Seyidov (pp.150-156)
The analysis of the current situation of use of financial resources at medium-sized and small enterprises (in Azerbaijani)

G. Suleymanov, G. Guliyeva, A. Ismailova (pp.157-165)
Strategic directions of the development of the gross domestic product based on the  active spheres of Azerbaijan economy (in Azerbaijani)


H. Aslanova (pp.166-174)
Diwan poetry tradition in Iraqi-Turkman literature and Osman Mazlum (in Azerbaijani)

H. Huseynli (pp.175-188)
Romantic character in the tragedy “Afet” by Huseyn Javid (in Azerbaijani)

A. Valiyeva (pp.189-194)
Position of the participles in the syntax of turkish language (in Azerbaijani)


V. Rustamova, R. Novruzov (pp.195-208)
Formation and using mechanisms of the scientific-technical potential in Azerbaijan (in Azerbaijani)


A. Aliyeva (pp.209-213)
Variability  in the meaning of the dynamic property of the language (in Azerbaijani)