I. Aslanova  (pp.5-11)
Estimation of the socio-economical influences of the establishment of macroeconomical stability (in Azerbaijani) 

A. Ayvazli (pp.12-17)
Operating  features of the commercial banks in the Republic of Turkey (in Azerbaijani) 

R.M. Dindar, Ch.H. Rahimov (pp.18-33)
The main economic and administrative directions of the international automobile carrying between Azerbaijan and Turkey (in Azerbaijani) 

T. Garayev (pp.34-40)
The formation of the regional competitiveness of Azerbaijan Republic on the base of the cluster approach  (in Russian) 

Y. Isgenderov (pp.41-47)
Factors affecting the improvement of the commercial relations in the market of the building materials in Azerbaijan (in Azerbaijani) 

O. Novruzov (pp.48-59)
Different approaches to development of the strategies and strategic management (in Azerbaijani) 

Z. Zeynalova (pp.60-70)
The impact of the personal income tax on the income redistribution in Canada (in Azerbaijani) 

E. Mammadova (pp.71-77)
Features of labor organization and payment in enterprises (in Azerbaijani)

E. Mammadov (pp.78-87)
The strategic approaches to the process of using export revenues in the agrarian sector (in Azerbaijani) 

Sh. Mammadova (pp.88-95)
On the problem of forming strategic plan on the base of the life cycle and consumers attracting methods in the industrial enterprise (in Azerbaijani) 

T. Ross (pp.96-105)
Theoretical approaches to the problems of property relations and development of ownership institute as a category (in Russian) 

T. Samadova (pp.106-113)
The role of innovations on improving competitiveness (in Azerbaijani)

S. Sadigova (pp.114-125)
Competitive strategy and its analysis (in Azerbaijani)

G. Rustamova (pp.126-135)
Increasing the role of the cluster approach in improving the management of the marketing activities of the industrial enterprises (in Azerbaijani)

E. Khudaverdiyeva (pp.136-140)
Development trends of small entrepreneurship in agriculture (in Azerbaijani)


Sh. Mirzabeyova (pp.141-150)
Contradiction  process of the modernization: social justice issues (in Azerbaijani)

N. Alizade, S. Ibrahimova (pp.151-158)
Multicultural values in islam on the background of the practice of  Europe and Azerbaijan (in Russian)


Y. Jafarli (pp.159-168)
The novel “The Da Vinci Code” as a postmodern  literary text: intertextuality and deconstruction in the novel


N. Khudadarova (pp.169-178)
Structural-semantic analysis of the phraseological  units  with “to put” component

G. Mustafayeva (pp.179-183)
Main principles and theories of phonemes' distinctive features 

G. Hasanova (pp.184-187)
Formation methods of household lexics