The title "Caglayan" has not been chosen randomly for our journal... It is also the name of the last non-published book of Azerbaijani poet Mikayil Mushfig. Reflecting on the meaning of "waterfall" in Turkish, Caglayan is also a symbol of a new life, revival, freedom, ebullient youth, and dynamic life. It symbolizes the attitude of students studying at Azerbaijan University to life, their mood, and their thirst for science and knowledge.

Caglayan is also dedicated to the memory of all our scientists and artists who were repressed during the Soviet era.

Caglayan published twice a year, is dedicated to the activities of the University. Our goal is to reflect the reforms held in Azerbaijan University, its renewal, development, and student life.

The expansion of international relations, scientific conferences, and seminars, meetings with local and foreign guests, a celebration of significant dates, personal development, and career training, master classes are integral parts of our University. We bring you the latest updates on these issues in our "University News" sections. Each edition of our journal includes psychological consultation for applicants. The series of education-related articles highlight the issues of close interest to young people preparing for higher education.

On their pages, our faculties also share useful information about the specialties they offer with the applicants. Our column "Student Life" highlights the dynamic and interesting student life. Following the column "Our Graduates" it is possible to get acquainted with the success stories of the graduates of Azerbaijan University. Caglayan also presents special columns and interviews.

Hoping to meet you in the new editions of "Caglayan" ...


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